Give administrators a single solution to collect, report and manage school payments and funds.


Insight into every transaction coming into and out of the school provides financial visibility and transparency.

Less Risk

Reduce fund mismanagement and improve security by allowing parents and students the ability to pay electronically.


Seamlessly plugin your student management system, accounting and scheduling platform for ultimate effiency.


Parents have easy online access to view their child's account balance, purchase history and required fees.


Our support team is the best in the business, always available to help answer any questions.

You need PAYK12 if...

You are a school administrator concerned about accurate reporting.

You need PAYK12 if...

Your day-to-day responsibilities include improving security and reducing fraud in the district.

You need PAYK12 if...

You would like to provide your parents with an easy, convenient way to make payments.

You need PAYK12 if...

You spend most of your time reconciling payments made from multiple systems across multiple departments.

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